It’s a Step Up 👣 into your Ayurvedic Lifestyle

My programme will assist you in incorporating Ayurveda into your Yoga, Lifestyle or Work life. We will take time to reflect on your current lifestyle choices and help you to identify the tools and knowledge to make a planned change and give a deeper understanding of what changes can be achieved.

You will be supported as a part of the group and, also 1 to 1 to keep you accountable. Most importantly you will become more empowered and motivated to make changes while understanding the reasons behind the practices of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Before we begin the programme you will complete a Body Type Questionnaire. We will then embark on a 7-week journey of videos, discussions, and workshops to cover off the following subjects:

This programme is designed with you in mind,

👣   if you have a small knowledge of Ayurveda and would like to build upon that knowledge and incorporate Ayurveda further into your life.

1. Ayurveda Origins
2. Body Type Analysis and Understanding
3. Body Bio Energy Understanding
4. Toxins and Detoxing
5. Digestive Importance
6. Food is Medicine
7. The Power of Herbs
8. Holistic Lifestyle Choices
9. Daily Routines and Seasonal Lifestyle Changes
10. Recap Your Plan and Commit to your Personal Journey