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This meditation technique can be practised everywhere. The more you practise the better you will get and the easier you will find it. You will only need one ingredient to make this meditation work, a spare 10 minutes. If you are waiting in the car picking up your kids, at home after waking up or before going to bed, at lunch time … Anywhere, anytime when you have a undisturbed 10 spare minutes.

I have been teaching this meditation to yoga students and beyond for some years now. Recently, I have been asked whether my ‘technique’ has a name. Well, it doesn’t other than the ‘10 minute Meditation Technique’.

As with everything, including riding a bicycle, great meditations need a bit of practice. Eventually, you are able to get into a meditation like you would get on a bike, enjoying the ride, and you don’t even think about the steps it takes to get there. If you are new to meditations here is what you need to know:

Meditations need to be practised for a while before you become really good at them, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the point at first. Keep at it and even the quiet time will be beneficial for your health, blood pressure, and ability to cope with life. Rest assured you are doing the right thing, and will eventually be rewarded with the cherry on the cake, a great meditation.

The reason for the practice is that you want thethird eye’, the pituitary gland, to become activated. It takes some time. The pituitary gland is also called the ‘third eye’ because it is shaped like an eye and consists of the same cells as your actual eyes, i.e. cones and rods. This inner eye is responsible for running your meditation video once you are experienced meditator.

Activating the third eye will awaken the sixth sense, an intuitive knowing. The first five senses are: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling – and feeling and knowing about these. There is also dietary advice, which helps the pituitary gland to work properly. Conversely, some diets and lifestyles put this ‘third eye’ out of action.

In order to practise meditation, here is what you need to do:


Step 1)

Sit somewhere and sit straight, lift your chest up and drop your chin slightly down. The straight position is important. Then close your eyes. Wait one minute, calm down, let your energy settle, and disconnect from what you were doing before.


Step 2)

Breathe consciously, inhale deeply, and exhale. Big belly breathing and really follow your breath with your mind. Feel where it is going and concentrate on inhale and exhale. Do this for one minute.


Step 3)

Then let your breath flow naturally and observe how the body does the breathing for you. Notice how this is different to when you were doing it. Observe the breath for one minute.


Step 4)

Now that you have put your body in a comfortable position and you notice that your body is breathing for you, you can now take an inner journey and focus on your ‘third eye’. This is located inside and in the middle of your forehead. Look with your ‘third eye’ into a space. This will start out by being dark at first. There are many options that can develop out of the darkness: you might feel that there are some shades of darkness and light, or it will have some dots like stars, or a sensation of movement even though you can’t see it. Then there could be colours developing, such as purple and yellow, and faint sensations of shapes. Whatever comes along, don’t do anything, just watch it like you are watching a movie in the cinema. Do this for five minutes.


Step 5)

Start connecting with your breath, start breathing consciously again, and big belly breaths in and out. Do this for one minute.


Step 6)

Just sit for another minute, you can rub your hands together and place them on your face, wiggle fingers and toes, or stretch out to wake yourself up properly.


Step 7)

Then open your eyes.


This meditation technique will help you to connect with your unconscious. We tend to live predominantly in the conscious state and neglect the unconscious inner workings of our being. If you practise this meditation 120 times, so a daily meditation for about three months, I would think you would be able to improve your meditations and reap the benefit.


Good luck!

Hope this helps you to get started.

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