Congratulations you’ve reached the registration page for the 21 days Ayurveda Challenge, you’re now well on the way to changing your life,

One Tiny Step at a Time.


I’m excited, I can’t wait to accept you into the #21daysayurvedachallenge group.

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PRIVATE 21 Days Ayurveda Challenge Group!

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Each day I will give you a new Ayurveda task to try, so easy bite size challenges. 

I will give you some background, discuss the benefits of it so you will know why you are doing it.

So by focusing on one task a day and really understanding it, you will get a better experience than trying everything at once.

At the end of the 21 day challenge you will have definitely picked up some healthier and life-changing habits.

This is a major leap forward in your health promoting self-care routine with Ayurveda.

We’re going to have so much fun during this 21 Day Challenge:

– we’ll be able to connect together with others taking the challenge each day

– you’ll receive a new Ayurveda task every day and we’ll all try them together

– you’ll get a live video every day explaining the task

– follow up posts giving more information so that we can discuss the benefits

– some of the tasks will be new to you and I am sure some will become part of your daily routine

– some of the tasks you may try once and say they’re aren’t for you, but that’s o.k. too, at least you can say you’ve tried

I am sure you will have a great, life-long lasting benefit from this challenge.