“…  I would like to try a holistic and natural approach before I visit my doctor.”

“… I want to try natural and holistic alongside a conventional approach.”

“… I have tried everything already but I want to try a natural and holistic approach now.”

Do you recognise yourself in any of these statements?

A full ayurvedic health consultation will help you understand your options.

My name is Sonja Breuer, I have studied Ayurveda at MDX University in London, and have worked at three hospitals in India for my practical experience. I have run 2 Ayurveda practices in London and l stay connected as I belong to CPD circle of professional practitioners, where we discuss medical issues on a regular basis. I am now based in Malaga, Spain.

The Ayurveda Journey is a healing journey.

 Mind, Body and Soul or Spirit are a connected and all of them need to be taken care of in the healing process and I will support you with this throughout this journey.

Your Ayurveda Journey

Initial Chat

Before we start a consultation we will have had an initial chat of what to expect and your commitment to the process.

Are you prepared to make the required lifestyle changes? You will be asked to keep a food diary until your case taking appointment.

Case Taking

We will proceed with an online case taking of 90 min. This can happen via skype or zoom. You will be asked questions about your medical history, family history. For the digestive, food and lifestyle questions, your food diary will come very handy. Almost everyone will forget what they ate yesterday, let along a whole week!

Life-Style Plan

On the follow up appointment, we will discuss your food and lifestyle plan for the next 3 weeks. If you need a longer therapy plan, including herbal treatments, then we will also discuss this at this point.

This lifestyle plan is really unique to you and your condition.

Physical Examination:

If I can meet you in person, we can conduct further tests, such as 3-finger ayurvedic pulse examination, tongue examination, nails and eyes. If this is not possible, you can send me a photograph of your tongue in the morning and any other markers I might ask you for. We also have questionnaires and the ability to do online investigations.


Herbal Remedies:

The cost of the herbal remedies are not included in the consultation. Some herbs will be available immediately and other unique prescriptions can be tailor made for you. This represents a great opportunity for us, to work with a tailor-made and customized approach.