Hi, my name is Sonja Breuer and I have successfully changed my life from a 9-5 existence in the city, to the holistic and natural life of my dreams.

It’s been an amazing journey of discovery and learning to live my best life.

Along the way I have gained various professional qualifications such as a Masters Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and others. I have emerged as a leader in the field of holistic and today I am inspiring others on this path. My journey is everything I have hoped for and more!

To get started on your holistic and natural journey today and transform your life, go to:

Live My Best Life Journey’

programme, which includes:

the 21 day Ayurveda challenge,

daily yoga and meditation classes,

herbal tea and

a personal consultation tailored to your specific body bio energy constitution.

My coaching approach is non-judgemental and understanding, whilst showing you new opportunities and strategies to transform to live awakened health.

Are you ready to start your journey?