If you are you planning to get pregnant soon, you can already do so much before you conceive by starting to prepare your body. This is called pre-conceptional care, which borrows much of its method from a holistic medicine called Ayurveda.

Why is it important?

For the first nine months, the baby will live and grow within your body and it is the quality of this environment (called kshetra) that determines the type of dwelling your baby will enjoy. Of course you want to be clean and without toxins, your blood lymph and hormones as balanced and pure as possible, as you are sharing all these things with the baby.

It is important to start early with proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet. If you had planned to stop drinking once you are pregnant, then this might already a bit late. There is so much you can do before you actually fall pregnant!

When to start?

It is said that the body renews itself every seven years. However, you most likely won’t have the time to start preparing yourself for pregnancy that early! But, if you can start 7 months before you are planning to conceive, then that would be ideal.

To begin with…

You will spend the first three months gently detoxifying the body. This might also help reduce the potential of morning sickness later on. The toxins tend to leave the body through the digestive system and sometimes through the skin. There are various methods you can use to detoxify your body, including not putting toxic material back in. Kundalini Yoga is a great accompaniment to this detox process, because of the various breathing methods used, and if you are not yet practicing this, you will find the techniques very cleansing.

Detox can happen on many levels too, not just physical, but it can also be mind, body, spirit detox and sometimes a social detox can be helpful too.

And then continue with…

So once you have completed the detox phase and managed to lose that which is not supportive nor helpful to you, but instead just blocking you up and weighing you down, you are ready for the phase number two.

From month four you will focus on rejuvenation and putting the good stuff back in. You will be using tonics and adaptogens, which focus on putting the best nutrients into your body and enriching your blood, relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

Tonics, called xxx, have a non-specific action on the body, which means they can do several things for you at once and rejuvenate you fully, head to toe. The breathing exercises practiced at your Kundalini Yoga Class will now help to oxygenate your body and keep your body clean.

Spend month seven in heaven.

Once you have conceived you are ready for your pre-natal programme of which healthy living coupled with more gentle pregnancy yoga should also be a part. Most importantly ENJOY the journey!


A pre-conceptional care coaching programme, including yoga is available at Spatium in London-Pinner. by Sonja Breuer (Msc. Ayur. Med.)


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