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Kundalini Yoga with Sonja

If you have tried yoga but not yet tried Kundalini Yoga, you should definitely put this on your bucket list of things to do. Seriously though, you might actually need it too (and perhaps not know it yet).

For me, it is important that the Kundalini Yoga classes I teach, are beautiful and soothing. I often get the feedback that they make people feel beautiful, very calm and nourished. That is some feedback!!

What is probably the most notable difference with K-Yoga is that when we practice kundalini yoga we have our eyes closed. This is because we are on a journey discovering how we feel on the inside. There is no need to look to the left or right what the other person is doing, kundalini yoga in a way is a moving meditation.

And that’s why it is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. If you can and want to, you can perform the movements with vigour and exercise, or you can perfom the movements slowly, with grace and intention and move energy just the same.

My yoga classes take place in a non-judgemental environment, where you are allowed to change the yoga pose to one that suits you better and one that you can do. There is no ‘adjustments’ and judgement, whether you are doing it right or wrong – you do what you can do. You may want to go into a pose half way and not fully, then that’s fine. Some days we are subtler than other days. Sometimes it is the way we have slept, dictating how we move the next day. Even as a yoga teacher, I can feel that. And often one side feels different to the side, which is nice to explore.

In fact, Yoga starts at the point where you have a blockage, that’s kind important to know. If you are super flexible, then yoga cannot work – yoga would be unemployed, so to speak. Yoga wants and needs blockages to do it’s job. So bring your blockages to the yoga class!

It is a save space to work on these blockages which are physical at first. But the physical body is a representation of the energetic body radiating out and around you. The physical body is the densest form of this energy and the blockages manifest there last. So any blockages there are a sure sign that there is an energetic blockage somewhere else too and it shows up in emotional responses. You may feel something is going on in the body and some energy is shifting.

But, before you jump to conclusions, there are of course also anatomical differences between people, some things are just the way they are and not at all to do with energetic blockages acquired over time.

K-Yoga works help to remove these blockages so that the Kundalini Energy sitting at the base of your spine can flow freely and rise up into your awareness. And this is a very beautiful energy and together, we are co-creating this energy in a yoga class.

This energy we co-create with the yoga class, will help us with a successful meditation and that’s why we practice 45 min yoga and 15 min meditation in a yoga class – or – 60 min yoga and 30 min meditation in a yoga workshop. In a yoga workshop we also add a presentation and discussion topic, lunch and a mantra meditation to close.

The meditation at the end of the class is a little bit of a learning process, which does not take very long at all. We do that by aiming to activate the third eye, which is the pituitary gland. It consists of the same cells as the physical eye, cones and rods. Hence, we can see with our eyes closed and create the pictures in our mind.

But this organ can be blocked and clogged up. We use yoga poses to open it and thereby sharpen our intuition. At first you might see nothing with your closed eyes other than black, but after a while with kundalini yoga you will see the space moving, and colours coming in and moving in front of your minds eye. Again after a while of practice, these colours and movements are solidifying and you can feel and make out what kind of meaning you are getting from the meditation.

In any case you will very soon feel that this yoga class leaves you refreshed, calm and beautiful. It’s a way to create self-care. The founder of Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Bajan, said that practicing Kundalini Yoga is an entirely selfish act and I can see why he said that!

All these good feelings can add as an anchor in your life. And that’s why I said at the beginning, you may need it but don’t know yet that you do. Once you know the feeling, you can seek it an you can, with a bit more practice, manifest it in your life more easily.

So that’s why Kundalini Yoga is a personal development journey to becoming a more integrated human being. And integrated means, understanding all undiscovered parts of you and having a good place for these aspects in the mind body space.

We finish the class with yoga cards, everybody gets two cards out of the card box and it contains a verb and a noun. More often than not these cards are bang on meaning something profound and shifting your every day attention to the ‘treadmill’ to something somewhat larger and significant.

I feel in a world that is getting faster, technology is running away with us, we are increasingly lost and struggle for meaning, k-yoga can put us in touch with a deeper meaning of ourselves and humanity.

That’s really beautiful!


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