My three fabulous herbal tea blends:

Morning Tea

– revitalise & invigorate –

Lime Flower

Gotu Kola



Afternoon Tea 

– rebalance & harmonise –





Evening Tea

– soothe & relax –


Red Clover



£4.99 for 25 gr.



Use 1/2 teaspoon or 2gr for each cup of tea, add hot boiling water and steep for 1-5 minutes as per taste.

My Quality Guarantee.

All my herbs are of excellent standard. I prefer to know my growers and have excellent relationships that I can trust. But on the occasion that I need a herb which I can’t source this way, all herbs are sourced from organically certified growers. I use bio-degradable packaging for the tea and I encourage you to reuse the bags for another purpose after the tea is finished. I am towards ZERO waste.

Seasonal Blend

My blends can vary by seasonal availability but are always expertly chosen. These are my Spring 2018 blends for you to enjoy.

Why not make your own Blend?

Choose 4 of your favourite ingredients and I will make your very own customised herbal tea blend for you.

Live yourself happy in 40 days.

A healthy living challenge which I coach candidates through. Why 40 days? It takes 40 days to change a habit and aquire a new one. Enjoy the tea blends for 40 days before you change the blend.

All herbs are of the highest quality and come from natural agriculture.