TAPAS is our eco-centre in the making!

At the start of 2018 TAPAS is just a dream, a potential of an eco-centre for healthy and sustainable living, which still needs to be created.

Look, it is a bit like this: There are the ‘Five Elements of Ayurveda’. First there was space, which is the un-manifested potential, the idea, the room for creativity to take place. Why quote ayurveda? Becasue eventually, we want to offer Ayurvedic wellbeing and yoga to our guest, coupled with an eco-friendly lifestyle. And when this is in the making, at the point when we are moving to make this happen, we have progressed to the wind element, as wind element means movement. Movement is the second element following the idea-stage.

The name of our wellbeing centre to experience an eco-friendly, holistic and complementary lifestyle will be called TAPAS. There are a few reasons for this, and I have to be grateful to my friend in Australia for suggesting this name. To give you the backdrop, this eco-centre will be created to help us realise a sustainable lifestyle and also offer this experience to to others, as a time-out from our consumer lifestyle holiday experience. We want to create ripple effects to help others experience of healthy and sustainable living.


The eco-centre for holistic living with yoga and ayuveda will be located in Europe, Spain. The weather is very hot and and sunny, and the area is attractive for holidays, it is already an area of tourism. TAPAS is a Spanish word and we think very fitting for a Spanish location.


Today, TAPAS denotes local food of the area. So, it has become a very nourishing word. Besides, food is one important aspect of our sustainability. So, yes healthy and sustainable living also means healthy and sustainable food.


The origin of TAPAS however, was food items that provided a cover and a protection. The story goes that a piece of bread was placed over the wine to protect the liquid from flies. So the word TAPAS carries the meaning of protection as well.


Moving east towards our yoga roots, TAPAS is also a Sanskrit word. The root of the word means to burn. And the element of fire has a very important meaning in Ayurveda, meaning transformation. Our digestive system transforms food into nutrients and waste for example.


But, TAPAS also has a yoga meaning. It denotes the third principle of the niyamas. It means applying ourselves and creating an action, it is once mojo, tenacity, and dynamism. It is putting in the right amount of effort into our yoga practice for example, or anything in life for that matter. I used to say to my yoga students, the first yoga pose is showing up on the mat, because getting there requires tapas.

So when we put all these meanings together for our Spanish centre, we get TAPAS to mean: sustenance, protection, transformation, and energy. Of course, once we are established, our eco-centre will be offering Ayurveda and Yoga and complement the online courses ‘yoga for better sleep’ as well as ‘seven steps to better sleep with Ayurveda’. This last stage would be called pritvi or earth, and it has manifested once the idea has solidified into a small but solid business with the potential to help many.

Until then, I suppose, we will need a lot of TAPAS to make it happen  🙂

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