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Holistic Stress Management

“Essential self-management skills to combat stress and improve wellbeing”.

Avaialble to two groups: Secondary schools ages 11-18, and Adults (Prents and Teachers)

Stress can be detrimental to health and is the number one reason for work absenteeism. Everyone experiences stress at some point in his or her lives. We are generally ill prepared to cope pro-actively. Hence people are prone to falling into bad lifestyle habits, be it drinking or food binges, even drugs and mostly suffering the stressful period alone which not only affects the individual but also the environment around us. It is therefore important to teach children that there are options, that stress does not need to be a default setting and that the desired state of happiness is achievable. There are 2 sets of lifestyle choices; some which help build resilience and create happiness, and some choices, which do not help at all. This course is raising awareness and builds a toolbox of options, which the children can use now and also gain access to as adults.


The Healthy Habits Class

There is an array of un-healthy foods being marketed at kids and kids pester parents to buy these. Most importantly, the taste of childhood stays with the person all the way through adulthood and packaged food marketers know this very well. The healthy eating club for primary school children is a small attempt to get kids excited, knowledgeable and interested in real unadulterated food. This club is hoping to provide a balance to the unhealthy food choices generally and easily available.

Healthy Habits is a curriculum based activities that link with the concept of healthy eating. My input will be to visit your school, and run a hands-on session with up to 30 children at a time. The session would involve tasters (optional) and associated questions and answers eg is this taste sweet/sour, followed by games and activities, and then finishing with a nutritional quiz. The session would take approximately 35/40 minutes.


Health and Well-being After School Club

About the courses:

  • The course schedule is adaptable to schools needs
  • Generally, a six week extra-curriculum after school club
  • DBS Checks in place for all representatives working on the course
  • Also available as a one off introductory session
  • Contact and 07454-938038