A glass of fresh vegetable celery juice  isolated on white background.

Essential Green Juice

1 Cucumber

2 Stalks of Celery

3 Apples

1/2 Lemon

Some Spinach or other greens


Method: Juice



Celery is super good for you and with the apples it makes the drink delicious and sweet.

This is the essential version but you can add parsley and ginger if you want and have it to hand, or to make it thick, creamy and even more delicious, stick the juice in the blender with an avocado. The avocado adds healthy fat to the juice and makes it more like a green smoothie. So delicious!!

Sometimes people substitute lemon for lime.

This recipe can be changed as you have the ingredients available or as you like it. The apple/lemon combo makes the greens just really delightful, so keep that going. However, if you worry about the sugar content in the apples, you can leave them out.

A client I work with observed “the more I juice healthy sweet fruits, the less I crave sugars from junk food”. So think twice before you cut the better-type sugar out from apples. Unless you are sugar proof, best to get it from natural sources.

I would also keep the celery in if I was you because it is a health bomb!

So, happy experimenting with your green juice, would love to hear your story and how you changed it to your personal green juice family recipe.







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