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The Nutrition Healer launches the ‘7 steps to better sleep’ training programme

Sonja Breuer’s online yoga resource, The Nutrition Healer, announces the launch of its ‘7 steps to better sleep’ online training programme

In line with its goals of helping people manage their body bio-energies to achieve better sleep, The Nutriton Healer has launched ‘7 steps to better sleep’ training programme. The programme is designed based on Ayurveda, offering an entirely natural way to achieve better sleep as opposed to many of the available treatment options that have been discovered to be detrimental to the health of the patient.

Sleep is an important activity and one of the most essential ingredients of well-being. This is so as it helps to sustain the individual while also allow the body to regenerate and provide the energy for another day. Unfortunately, sleep seems to be a luxury that millions of people across the globe cannot afford at the moment. While several treatment options have been proffered to help people suffering from a lack of sleep, many of them have not particularly satisfied the needs of people. This is where The Nutrition Healer’s ‘7 steps to better sleep’ training programme is looking to make a huge difference by adopting an all-natural approach.

The programme is a self-help training course with content that has been described by some as ‘ancient secrets.’ The course aims to offer users the best complementary treatment for insomnia, teaching users the seven all natural lifestyle tools according to Ayurveda to ensure a better sleep.

Unlike other treatment options, the ‘7 steps to better sleep’ training programme offers a holistic solution for insomnia at a remarkably affordable rate. In addition to the recently launched course, The Nutrition Healer also offers other amazing solutions and tips on the blog.

More information about the ‘7 steps to better sleep’ training programme and other solutions from The Nutrition Healer can be found on the website. The Nutrition Healer is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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The Nutrition Healer is founded by Sonja Breuer, a Health Coach & Ayurvedic Consultant to provide a wide range of natural solutions to people to make them feel better.


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