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Yoga online at home!

Have you always wanted to do yoga but feel you can’t?

Try my online yoga course!


Do you think you can’t do yoga?

Have you been to a yoga class and decided it is not for you?

Do you hate fitting into an exercise group?

Did the teacher constantly correct you and make you feel no good?

Have you tried yoga, but you struggle to get a daily practice going?

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Well, then my yoga class is for you! I got a lot people in my yoga class who had similar experience like you. They feel yoga is not for them or that they are no good at yoga. When they try my yoga class, they are blown away that there is a yoga, which they can do!

When you sign up to my online course, you will receive weekly yoga updates. We will build up your yoga library and together we can build a practice slowly and bit by bit.  This will result in a repertoire of yoga classes, which you can use in a pick n’ mix style. Take a long class at the weekend or on a bank holiday, which you dedicate to looking after yourself and a bit of TLC. During the week, you could opt for 10-minute class to get you through the day. And if you feel all flustered and worked up in the evening, choose a relaxing meditative class in the evening to help you sleep better.

 My experience:

When you work with me you can benefit from my vast yoga teaching experience. I am qualified in hatha and kundalini yoga and have over 1000+ yoga teaching hours. I am also an ayuvedic consultant, reiki practitioner and life-coach. I look at health through a very different lense. For me, health is a holistic process, which requires co-creation and doesn’t come about by being swept away by the demands of a consumer lifestyle.


I have been teaching people who think they can’t do yoga. I don’t believe that yoga has to be an exercise class where all do one thing; my classes have been very free. Although I am the ‘teacher’, you are in fact your own teacher and should be able to experience the yoga. So it is not required that all have to fit into exactly what I am demonstrating. My online classes allow you to be flexible with what you are doing.

My yoga teaching style is influenced by the Montessori concept: “Help Me to Help Myself’. I encourage my students to try different asanas, as they feel they need. I help you do what you want to do, rather than ‘correct’ you and make you fit into a standard concept, i.e. the class or asanas I have planned for the whole class on the given day. I am looking at the purpose of our yoga practice. For a start, Yoga is a self-development tool. It is activation of energy channels, detox of physical channels, activation of the pituitary gland and facilitating depth of meditation, etc….


To me as a teacher it is not about squeezing your body in an exercise class. It is rather a personal development journey… so then, you can be less attached to the ‘correct physical posture’. You can experiment with your mental and physical boundaries and recognise them. The side effect of practicing yoga is that you get ‘better’ at it but that is not what we are aiming for. In fact, Yoga starts to work at the point where you experience a physical blockage. This is the best point. Once you are physically totally flexible, there is not so much that yoga can do for you. So celebrate the fact that you ‘can’t do yoga’! That is a perfect place to start.

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New weekly classes will mean that over time you will build up a library of can use some of the shorter and lighter classes to practice daily before work, and use the gentler and meditative classes for the evening to help you sleep better. And choose your favourites in a pick n’ mix style.

Not only will you receive asanas, you will also receive mantras, mudras and breathing exercises specifically designed to help your nervous system, thereby making it easier to relax and sleep better.

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My experience as a yoga teacher with over 1000+ teaching hours has taught me that you will build stamina slowly and steadily. So there is no need to jump in at the deep end. Instead, start gently and slowly and effortlessly yoga yourself to greater strength and stamina on all levels: physically, energetically and mentally.

I am adding short ones 5-minute yoga fixes for those who are struggling with a daily routine. It’s not how long you practice it’s about getting down to do it no matter how short it is. I am helping you and reminding you to take a short class on a daily basis. There will even be some yoga for your chair or whilst walking, in case you don’t make it to the mat on a given day. So you never need to miss your daily yoga.

Can my yoga teacher virtually come to my house?

Can I get motivated at home?

Yes and Yes again!

Sonja Breur

You can sign up for my yoga classes for only £8 per month and start building up your yoga library with me. You will receive asanas, mudras, mantras and breathing exercises. You will receive trips and tricks for your daily yoga practice even designed to fit into your lifestyle such as walking or sitting on a chair. And you can join our face-book forum to interact with other practitioners.

Or if you are convinced and want to sign up for a year to receive 12 months of yoga with me, then you will make a saving!! Pay only £80 instead of £96 for your annual subscription.

Healing is process that we need to co-create and the good news is yes we can. The truth is the earlier you start your healing journey the better it will be and the more you will enjoy the result.

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 Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana. This yoga works on your physical, mental and energetic levels. The practice of kundalini yoga can help with wellbeing related issues. As the “yoga of awareness,” the philosophical purpose of Kundalini is to awaken your Higher Self.

My kundalini yoga classes work on these three levels:


Kundalini Yoga keeps the body subtle, this means bendy, flexible and responsive. Fantastic for those who want to complement and exercise regime or those who want to start moving.


It also has an effect on the mind, keeping mental processes calm by creating a sense of space and time. Especially when stressed, time and spaces tends to collapse for you. Yoga can give you a sense of time and space back thereby reducing the experience of stress.


But yoga does not only soothes the conscious mind, it also works on the unconscious mind, at the deeper soul level. It helps to heal and transform deep from within. This will have a multitude of benefits and has a positive ripple effect throughout your mind-body and human energy field.

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