Online Learning

Originally, my online programmes were designed for my clients seeing me in person at my ayurvedic clinic. I realised that lifestyle change was not easy to explain but it assists greatly with the healing process. Because so many people found a benefit, that I am making these tips available online to share with you too!

So if you are serious about healing your sleeplessness with natural methods, here is what you would need to do:

1.Start with 7 steps to better sleep to get started. This programme is based on Ayurveda and aims to teach you lifestyle strategies to re-balance your nervous system. Ready for for more?

2. Join my yoga course online at home, it’s also perfect if you think that you can’t do yoga (but you can!). It will help you upgrade your lifestyle and give you tools for living better at home.

3. Then drop in for a personal seasonal coaching sessions throughout the year to help you implement these changes, adjust for seasonal changes and update your lifestyle choices with simple steps.

4. And if you want to make fundamental changes to your lifestyle, there is a 40 day intensive support course I offer: “live yourself happy in 40 days”. This is perfect for those looking to detox, change their lifestyle or want to work on a specific health goal. There is no magic wand, pill or money which can buy health, nobody can do the job for you either. It requires your participation! I will help, support and motivate you on your journey.

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