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You don’t need to call it yoga, simply add a few stretches to your morning routine. It is quite a natural thing to do, animals do this regularly and you might feel energised by releasing the inner beast in you!

Not rocket science, but simple things, like stretching your arms out when you wake up, is a good place to start. Then when you are standing, bend down and forward touching your toes, or if the inner beast has been in hiding for some years, take aim to touch your toes.

Watching my two dogs jump out of bed, the first thing they do is have a good stretch and yoga actually calls this the “downward dog stretch”. Get down on all fours and lift your buttocks up in the air, standing on all four limbs. Isn’t that fun!?!

Fancy a spot of yoga in the morning? No problem, here is how to get some into your life. We’ve already got a little yoga routine going:

  • Sit in bed and stretch your arms out.

  • Stand up and bend forward to touch your toes.

  • Then on all fours, lift your buttocks up in the air as high as you can.

Keep doing this religiously and if you have reached proficiency and feel addicted, you can join my online yoga course for more tips and ideas. This is everyday yoga; you don’t have to be slim, beautiful, energetic, bendy or young. In fact, come as you are, in your PJs.

Can you imagine the difference that this could make? It could prevent you from aging quickly and your body getting stiff and inflexible. I went hiking in the mountains with a young man who was boasting about his fitness levels as a youngster, and perhaps he was still fit, but his body was rigid like a brick. It was quite a strenuous mountain and he tripped, unable to catch himself as he lacked suppleness.

So no matter how fit you are, you also need suppleness to prevent falling and your muscles seizing up, and this is especially true when we are getting older and suppleness is worth a million.

If every day of the week, you only dedicated 10 minutes to yourself, you will improve your quality of life drastically.

And yoga may mean some stretches for the mind. It may mean just sit and breathe deeply in a favourite spot. Like when you are sleeping, you can relax, close your eyes and you don’t need to do anything else but pay attention to your breathing.

Take a moment:

So we can add that to our routine. After your stretches or before you leave the house, sit down for 10 minutes (set alarm) and breathe deeply. Observe your breath! Follow it, and notice where it goes in your body. Listen to what it sounds like, what temperature it is – just notice what you can notice.

Throughout the years I have heard from people who say, I am fed up with rushing. Rushing for the bus, rushing to get to work, rushing to get home. I will just enjoy stopping all that and start to enjoy my day …

Just these two simple things, a couple of stretches and a breathing time-out, will reset your nervous system and balance your body bio energies.

Even if you are as busy as hell, or because you are as busy as hell, add these simple heavenly steps to your day and you will keep fast aging away.

And I want to hear if this works for you. If you manage this for 40 days, drop me a line!

Sleep Coach Sonja is a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant and Lifestyle Healer. She offers two courses ‘7 steps for better sleep’ and ‘yoga for better sleep‘.

You can read more here: and follow her on Facebook: Thenutritionhealer and Twitter: @happyin40days



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