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The TRUTH is… we can’t continue to live this consumer lifestyle and expect our natural eco-system and future generations not to suffer. Lifestyle related diseases are rife and the earth is not coping anymore. But how we can change?

We are truly stuck in a consumer trap which has been designed to make a few thousand companies rich and keep us in the hamster wheel, working to consume and pollute the enviornment, pushing the problem to the next generation.

It’s not easy to get off the wheel at all! It can take years to swap your old lifestyle for a new one.


  • Are you ready to HEAR THE TRUTH about food, food production and how you can protect yourself from harmful foods and choose food, which is good for you?
  • IF YOU ARE READY to take the journey to a deeper, more connected life… this course is for you. You will be learning the secrets of Ayurveda & Yoga and eco-living to help you balance mind and body whilst caring for the planet at the same time.
  • Can you imagine a satisfactory lifestyle, which balances your body’s needs, mental and physical and increases your energy levels?

    The way we live today is not sustainable in the long run. The earth is struggling and we are feeling NO better for it. Our natural processes are misaligned. Many of us feel stress, anxiety and depression, which are often simply caused by our lifestyle damage. But the truth is, we are not separate from the natural world but we are not living in our natural habitat anymore.

‘Happy in 40 days’ provides holistic lifestyle assistance for a journey to a healthier, Eco-friendlier, and more balanced lifestyle helping you and the planet at the same time.

My philosophy is simply “one step at the time” starting small and eventually the accumulation of these small things will contribute to something big and beautiful, transitioning with ease and helping you to Inspire Others too.

Join us for our FREE webinars where we discuss ecology, health and holistic lifestyles. Be the change you want to see in the world.

What people have said:

“I felt truly awful, digestive problems and sluggishness. I turned to Sonja for help. I found out that I was dairy intolerant and after only a couple of weeks of cutting down on dairy and wheat, I found I am definitely less bloated!!! I am eating more buckwheat and pulses, juicing vegetables and fruit. I feel full of energy & health! My new habits are here to stay!”

Stefania, Photographer


“Sonja has helped me cope with a difficult time in my life which was riddled with court appearances and expenses. We worked to restore peace and calm and channel positive energy into diet and nutrition, which changed my lifestyle completely. Subsequently, my whole family has become a notch healthier and we are all enjoying our new lifestyle”

Maria, Distributor

“Having been diagnosed with Steathopepatitis, I didn’t want to heavily rely on medication and so I turned to Sonja. I have just received the news from my GP that my Steathopepatitis has cleared up, thanks to my new diet and natural lifestyle. #happy40days has worked for me and I will recommend it to others too!!”

Astrid, Accountant

“My lifestyle was reckless and I abused my body, I didn’t know how to get off the work-stress band wagon. But then I made a change and found the help I needed. Thank you! “