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7 Steps to Better Sleep

Benefit from the ancient wisdom of natural, complementary health care to improve your sleep!

  • Are you not sleeping well?
  • Tossing and turning at night?
  • Can’t get back to sleep?

If you are suffering from sleep problems you are not alone! It is estimated that 50% of people in Britain don’t get enough sleep due to pesky sleep disorders. The truth is, in the absence of any physiological conditions, there are two reasons for missing out on a good night sleep:


Number one reason is lifestyle dependent, as the amount of stress increases your quality of sleep decreases. Changes in lifestyle and stress reduction techniques are of benefit and really useful. Complementary healthcare can really make a difference!


The other less well-known reason is fluctuations in your body bio energy balance, which you have been born with.  It is also possible to have a CHRONIC body bio energy balance problem.

The good news is that, Ayurveda, a traditional medicine, can help you improve your sleep pattern, balance your body bio energy and improve your feelings of wellness all round. My course 7 steps to better sleep naturally, based on Ayurveda, will reveal the causes of your sleep disorder. The sleep questionnaire will reveal which bio-energy is most likely to be the cause of your sleep problems. An audio-visual presentation will be revealing the 7 steps to balance these bio-energies at fault and improve your sleep pattern.

My name is Sonja Breuer, and I am known as ‘the nutrition healer’. We all have inherent healing abilities and I help people to awake these healing abilities inside themselves. My work is based on the latest research in Yoga-, Energy- and Ayurveda Healing. My mission is to empower and help my clients discover their own healing ability.

If you want to know more about improving your sleep and overall well-being naturally, I invite you to take one of my online courses.You can access this course here:

This training programme contains audio and visual material explaining the 7 steps to proactive health, including proactive sleep. It teaches you natural ways to improve your sleep and gives you unique insights about your sleep pattern revealing your unique mind body bio-energies. Included is a questionnaire inquiring into your unique sleep pattern, and this will reveal to you, what bio-energy is responsible for your sleep pattern.

Included are:

-Instruction manual: How to use this course

Module 1:

“Can I sleep myself to vibrant health?”

Module 2:

Questionnaire: Sleep Pattern Body Type Questionnaire

Results: “Your Bio-Energetic Sleep Pattern”

Module 3:

Audio-Presentation:  7 steps to better sleep, naturally


Meditation Podcast

I promise that the material in this course, will help you make a big shift in understanding your personal sleep pattern and empower you to change the quality of your sleep for good. And, if you would like to work with me personally, you can also speak to me personally either offline in my ayurveda clinic or online via skype or telephone. Alternatively, you can visit any other ayurvedic clinic near you to from complementary health care treatment to balance your bioenergy and improve sleep.

Stop loosing sleep, your life-style matters!


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