Do you have a health goal, such as sleeping better?

that is really great, and here is why…

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About health:

Your body has the power for self-healing. However, your body must volunteer this self-healing response. How can this be achieved? The answer is, that especially at a time when you want a self-healing to occur, you will need to strengthen your health and well-being.

When a body absorbs a medicine, this medicine will be used during the healing process. However, if the body doesn’t co-operate with a healing response, the medicine can’t help.

So when you suffer from dis-ease or un-wellness, you will want to strengthen the healthy part too. It is the healthy part which is offering the healing response.

According to the traditional and complementary medicine Ayurveda, one is in perfect health when the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha), digestive fire (digestion, assimilation and metabolism), all the body tissues and components (dhatus, the entire physical body) and all the excretory functions (the physiological functions of urination and defecation) are in perfect order and synchronized with a well-disposed and contented mind, sharpened senses and a fulfilled spirit.

Most people who have a goal are more likely to be successful in achieving change than those who don’t have a health goal.

About health goals:

And if you have a health goal, then you will most likely accept that achieving it will require changes to your diet and lifestyle. There is a saying, if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you always got! This saying is true for many things and even applies to your diet and lifestyle.

Did you know that many modern illnesses are classified as “lifestyle-related dis-eases” and that we are suffering from these “lifestyle-related dis-eases” in epic-style proportion? The truth is, that if you want to make changes to your well-being, the very best way to start is with a healing diet and lifestyle.

Yet, the way we tend to eat is a Western pattern diet or standard American diet (SAD). This is a modern dietary pattern that is generally characterized by high intakes of red and processed meat, butter, fried foods, high-fat dairy products, eggs, refined grains, potatoes and high-sugar drinks.

If you are ready to change your ways and take positive steps to make vital improvements to your diet and lifestyle, then I am willing to help you. I am a practitioner of the traditional, integrative and holistic medicine called Ayurveda and also a life coach and I can help you transform your diet and lifestyle to improve your well-being.

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Here is a little bit about me:

Sonja is an accomplished practitioner of the pro-active, integrative medicine Ayurveda, which aims to restore well-being by restoring the balance of the essential elements of health, such as doshas. Doshas are made up of the five eastern elements: space, wind, fire, water and earth. Health and well-being start with balancing the five elements through beneficial lifestyle habits.

“I am passionate about helping people balance natural processes with natural methods. I believe natural processes should not be medicalised but balanced with the natural methods of diet and lifestyle.”

Natural processes are:

the ability to recover and heal from a disease

sleeping well at night, falling asleep quickly and sleeping thoroughly, then waking refreshed in the morning

gaining an appetite and digesting well, without problems of bloating, gas and constipation or weight gain/loss

having the ability to relax deeply, switch off and restore a normal balance

living pain-free or at the very least gaining the ability to manage pain for a greater sense of well-being

getting pregnant and living well as a family, choosing a lifestyle that is supportive of everybody in the family

being energized, able to concentrate and produce great work, not suffering from stress, anxiety or depression

Live yourself happy in 40 days!
Discover the power of a holistic, healthy and healing lifestyle.


“Live yourself happy in 40 days is a health goal coaching programme designed to help you change unhelpful habits and replace them with new healthy ways to set you on your transformational healing journey.”

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