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Health Coaching to repair your Lifestyle Damage and live yourself happy!

Do you have a health goal you always wanted to achieve or want to create new ones which you can focus on?

Is your health goal is a natural process, you don’t want to take medication for to simple mask the symptoms without addressing the cause?

Do you want to learn more about my natural and holistic method, which has the power to improve your well-being?

Has your doctor has told you to make important changes to your lifestyle but you need some extra help?

Your Health Coach:

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Most of us take good health for granted. Rarely do we stop and ask: What causes health and wellbeing? The good news is that the cause of greater levels of health & wellbeing is the accumulation of your regular, positive lifestyle choices.

I am an expert in ayurvedic living for better health and wellness. To me, well-being is a being able to balance natural processes with natural methods. I will help you to continuously make small improvements to your life-style. You will be surprised how you levels of wellbeing can soar as a result. No matter how healthy you feel right now; you can always support your unique level of health with a positive lifestyle and feel even better!


Natural processes are:

sleeping well at night, falling asleep quickly and sleeping thoroughly, waking up refreshed in the morning

gaining and appetite and digesting well, without problems of bloating, gas and constipation or weight gain/loss

getting pregnant and living well as a family, choosing a lifestyle that is supportive of everybody in the family

being ambitious and energised, able to concentrate and produce great work, not suffering from stress, anxiety or depression

having the ability to relax deeply, switch off and restore a normal balance

the ability to recover and heal swiftly when something has gone wrong

living pain-free, or the very least gaining the ability manage pain for greater sense of well-being

What people said:


About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine over 5000 years old. SwastaRTA is a branch of this medicine dedicated to proactive health through positive life-style choices. The great thing about this medicine being so ancient is, that it absolutely does not contain any of the modern chemicals and purely relies on natural ingredients. The next thing that makes it great is that it has been tried and tested over a very long period of time.

Another difference that Ayurvda brings is the knowledge that there is not ONE healthy lifestyle, there are many. And according to Ayurveda, we all have certain specific lifestyle needs given our body-type or prakruti. And then, Ayurveda provides us with a definition of health:

Health is a state where in the Tridosha, Digestive fire, all the body tissues & components, all the physiological processes are in perfect unison and the soul, the sense organs and mind are in a state of total satisfaction (prasanna) & content. (Ayurveda)

Then again, a healthy, holistic and more natural lifestyle is beneficial for everyone!

Especially today, many of us suffer from lifestyle damage, we don’t know how to live well anymore and coupled with modern day pressures, the result is that many of us are suffering with wellness related issues caused by our faulty lifestyle choices.


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Note: If you are on medication, I will not be able to advise you on that. Please double check with your GP what you can and cannot do. If you are in treatment, we can work complimentary to your medical treatment on lifestyle changes which will support your well-being and healing.