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How I can help you, online!

Are you fully committed to your wellbeing and you are ready to make a change in your life? Maybe because your health care provider prescribed you a diet or lifestyle change, or do you feel unwell, awful and not at your best and there is no rhyme or reason for it? Or do you proactively want to understand your body and live in tune with your true nature?

As an ayurvedic health and life coach, I help hundreds of people on theirr road to wellness. You will gain specific, practical tips from an entirely natural health care philosophy. Living in harmony with your body’s needs should no longer remain a secret! You will be reaping all the benefits of improved healing and rejuvenation power, more energy and vitality.

I provide the life-support via online coaching support via Skype, telephone or email. You can choose between an online course and individual coaching appointments -OR – once you are fully committed to your lifestyle change project, you can engage on a 40day programme #happyin40days where you will interact with for 12 coaching sessions over 40days and get free access to the online programme as a bonus.

Online Coaching

There are so many demands! Unless you make some space to focus on your vehicle in life, you may head for a breakdown. You can take some time out on holiday and when you come back fall into old established patterns. Just as driving a car in a straight line without traffic is easy, navigating through traffic, trying to find your way in a new territory is not that easy. Let me be your navigator and help you stay on track even when you are busy!

These individual coaching sessions are also suitable if you have purchased access to my self-study course, and would like to speak to me one off or want to  work at your pace.

Self-study course

Nearly half the population suffers from sleep related problems; we are just so stimulated, stressed and unable to relax deeply! Luckily, complementary health care, such as Ayurveda, can help! Find out what secrets Ayurveda holds when it comes to improving sleep. Read about sleep, relaxation and what it means to the body. You will then receive a step-by-step guide to balancing your body type with Ayurveda and as a bonus you will receive a guided meditation. A questionnaire will reveal your body type and your associated sleep pattern.