Natural Health Coaching for Seasonal Wellbeing

Have you ever wondered, why some people hardly ever get sick, whilst others struggle with seasonal problems, year after year?
Are you one of those people, who can feel sluggish in spring, sniffy in autumn, suffers from colds and flue in the winter or malaise in autumn…then you might get affected by the seasonal change easily and will  benefit from my ayurvedic seasonal lifestyle reset!

“I didn’t even realise that there was the option to proactive prevent seasonal breakdowns or sluggishness. This is amazing!” — Diego Garcia

How does this work?

The complementary alternative medicine, ayurveda, contains a study of proactive health care (swasta rta), which includes seasonal resets. According to ayurveda and integrative medicine, you embody five elements: space, wind, fire, water and earth. The environment is made up from the same five elements. During seasonal changes, these elements re-arrange in the environment, prompting your body to do the same. This is a little stressful to the body and causes a short term immunity plunge. The ayurvedic seasonal health and wellness coach supports you during this adjustment process with healthy lifestyle tips to support the immune system and prevent seasonal dis-ease.

When and how often should I consider an appointment with my health coach?

As a health and wellness coach, I work with you to help you co-create well-being. We look at supporting your natural immunity when you need it most, at the time of seasonal change. There are four season changes, which require you to take extra care of yourself:

  • Spring Equinox in March
  • Summer Solstice in June
  • Autumn Equinox in September
  • Winter Solstice in December
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About me:

As a accomplished consultant of ayurveda, a complementary, traditional medicine. I believe natural processes should not be medicalised and I will help you balance natural processes with natural methods. You can adjust to seasonal change pro-actively by giving your body the best possible support to stay healthy.

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