Ayurveda Consulting

You will benefit from my extensive knowledge of Ayurveda to direct and assure you how to balance your bio-energies, required for the healing process. In short, consulting will assist you in knowing how what to do and why you want to be doing it. Ayurveda health strategies are specific to your unique mind-body type.


Health Coaching

Health Coaching will assist you in implementing the lifestyle change required to reach your health goal. In effect, coaching will help you with ways and strategies, how to implement these recommendations in your life and help you overcome any obstacles in the way.

Pioneering ayurvedic online health coaching!

To me, Ayurveda and Life-Coaching work very well together! Ayurveda provides unparalleled, in-depth knowledge about health and well-being and coaching provides the techniques to help you transform your lifestyle and implement these recommendations into your busy life. I am a pioneer in the field of ayurvedic life-style coaching. To this date, I am not aware of any other ayurvedic consultant, combining the profession with coaching.

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Ayurveda offers a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to health promotion and health maintenance. This is the field of Swastarta, which deals with proactively balancing the body’s bio-energies to avoid malaise and disease. Ayurveda lifestyle philosophies can make a great contribution to anybody looking to get well, stay well or increase vitality. Coaching helps to choose the relevant recommendations from a great wealth of knowledge and helps the individual to implement these successfully.

When on an Ayurvedic Wellness Programme, more often than not you are requested to implement certain lifestyle changes by your Ayurvedic consultant. However, there is not usually coaching assistance provided in helping to implement these changes. If you can’t make the change, historically there is nothing much that can be done to help you there and the Ayurvedic Wellness Programme may not be working as well as a result. Sometimes implementing new habits on a whim can be difficult, that’s why I can help as a life-coach to help implement these changes.