Those who struggle to cope with life, where stress is a permanent default setting, rarely have the funds and resources to turn to complementary healthcare, such as Ayurveda.

Drugs are free on the National Health System for the poorest in society, but do we want to send them down the path of drugs and medical dependencies? Yet, Ayurveda is a very effective, natural and useful system of health care, which helps to regulate natural processes and it could help them!

If only the benefits can be made available for those who need it most.

Can you sponsor a person to receive Ayurveda health care assistance to help them cope with life better?

Yoga, Health Coaching and Ayurvedic treatments work wonderfully together and are often the first people hear about natural healthcare. Natural methods, such as Ayurveda, help re-set the mind-body balance of a person, so that the whole environment, family and friends can benefit from the persons new calm, hope and balance.

Maybe you have reaped the benefits of complementary health care and are you ready to give some hope? Please sponsor Ayurvedic Treatments for those who can least afford it, thank you!