Planned Personal De-Growth

by Bobbie Carlyle
Planned Personal De-Growth Our economic model is based on growth and that has been serving us very well. Well … apart from a few big problems, call them undesirable side effects – undesirable yet lethal. These few, yet lethal, side effects are busy working to destroy the metaphorical branch...
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Ayurveda Magazine

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Here is a copy of the latest Ayurveda Magazine, which I subscribe to. I share this with my yoga students and ayurveda clients.  So why not take a break and grab a cup of herbal tea and have a little snoop around. There is also calming music in background,...
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7 Steps to Better Sleep

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7 Steps to Better Sleep Benefit from the ancient wisdom of natural, complementary health care to improve your sleep! Are you not sleeping well? Tossing and turning at night? Can’t get back to sleep? If you are suffering from sleep problems you are not alone! It is estimated that...
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