What are Body Bio-Energies?

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In my programmes I speak a lot about body bio-energies, doshas and humors, but does anybody know what I am talking about? You have these body bio-energies too and if you want to avoid getting sick you need to keep these body bio-energies functioning well. Where do Body Bio-Energies...
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10 Benefits of Organic Food

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10 Reasons why you should choose Organic Food We couldn’t buy “organic food” in the olden days, simply because all food was organic by nature. Today, we have many different pesticides, growing agents, herbicides, fungicides, and even crop gamma radiation for storage purposes. This industrialised and corporatised approach to...
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Meditation Technique

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This meditation technique can be practised everywhere. The more you practise the better you will get and the easier you will find it. You will only need one ingredient to make this meditation work, a spare 10 minutes. If you are waiting in the car picking up your kids,...
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