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Organic is best:

Organic has on average 40% more antioxidants than non-organic. And they have less to no toxins.

Oxidative stress harms the body and ruins immunity. You get more colds, recover slower, age faster and so on. Toxins cause oxidative stress but also bad life-style choices and stress can do this.

You want to eat ANTI-oxidants (without the toxins which would cancel them out) to reduce stress, increase immunity and fight off colds better and if you are sick you want to recover faster. And… you want to look younger for your years.

Hence, choose ORGANIC!

Workers on pesticide ridden, intensive growing sites (can’t call them farms) are exposed to toxins which the produce is being sprayed with.

Pesticide Damage to Farmers

from Thursday 04.08.2016

Onion, Celery, Tomatoes, Plum Cherry Toms,

Nectarines, sweet potatoes

 Carrots, Ginger, Water Melon, Honey Melon, Spinach

Order online by Tuesday for delivery Thursday.

You will be directed towards a paypal link so have your paypal password ready. There is also another option of paying via bank transfer but you would still have to place the order online first.

Orders placed after Tuesday, may go into next weeks delivery schedule.

If there is a problem, you are not sure, or want to provide further information, such as produce preferences or delivery instruction for the driver, email to

If you have highly customised requests, those orders/notifications need to be placed at the weekend for the commencing week.

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We support the bumble bee conservation trust. It’s the little things which help so we can enjoy the lovely organic food and we loove our organic pollinators.


We aim for a zero waste policy. This means we recycle everything and find uses for things that would otherwise turn into waste. So for example, we don’t get fancy boxes printed with our logo on it. We simply re-use the boxes that the farmers use. If you have carboard boxes, plastic bags and newspapers left over – we can use them too and pick it up when we deliver your box.