The Truth Behind the Food Pyramid

The original food pyramid was invented to educate the average consumer on healthy eating to attempt to slow down the increase of convenience food related lifestyle diseases. In that respect, and even to this day, the packaged and quick-fix food market plays straight into the hands of the pharmaceutical...
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How to avoid Autumn Malaise

Autumn is knocking earlier than usual this year since we are still only in the middle of August, but then, climate change brought us spring a bit earlier too. Autumn is signalled by the rise in Vata energy which is a combination of the elements of space and wind....
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The path to health

It’s easy to change to a healthy lifestyle, right? Yes of course, but as with so many things in life, having the necessary information and know-how to get started is key to your success at not only sticking to the healthy life but enjoying it and reaping the many...
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