Case Study: Lifestyle

“I would highly recommend a one-to-one consultation with Sonja.  She is a good listener and provides excellent advice for making those first small steps towards a more balanced lifestyle.  Sonja doesn’t advocate impossible diets or exercise regimes, instead she looks at your current routine and suggests ways of integrating new...
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Case Study: Neck Pain

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“I feel very different.  This result makes me believe there is a cure out there, where I was starting to believe that there is nobody out there to help me. Before Ayurveda Pinda Sveda Treatment, I went to 3 physio-therapists, received 20-30 treatments, but this didn’t make any difference....
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Case Study: Hypolactasia

“Returning from holiday, I noticed how little dairy I consumed whilst away. Our diet tends to be heavily dairy centred & wondered if I could find an alternative to this. I turned to Sonja for help and she introduced me to tasty dairy free alternatives and new...
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Case Study: Stress

“Sonja has helped me cope with a difficult time in my life which was riddled with court appearances and expenses. My lifestyle was all over the place as I need peace and calm to fully express myself as who I am. We worked to restore peace and calm and...
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Pre-conceptional care?

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couple, pregnancy and love concept - close up of woman and man hands with pregnancy test
If you are you planning to get pregnant soon, you can already do so much before you conceive by starting to prepare your body. This is called pre-conceptional care, which borrows much of its method from a holistic medicine called Ayurveda. Why is it important? For the first nine...
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From stress to wellbeing

Living a normal, everyday life can contain many stressors: getting the kids out on time, arriving at work on time, being overworked and underpaid, lack of time, and bombardment with advertising messages about what to do next is sometimes enough to get us stressed out. Add to this some...
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But What About Protein?

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Many people who are considering becoming a vegan or vegetarian, worry about nutrition. One of the worries associated with a vegetarian diet is a potential lack of protein. The truth is, done properly; a vegetarian diet has all the potential to be a much healthier diet than the meat...
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