Ayurveda Consulting

  • Consultation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Discussion
  • Wellness Programme

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine based on natural resources. It aims to return the body to wellness. This means balancing the bio-energies, which have become unstable and unbalanced. To do this we use diet and herbs, lifestyle and yoga as well as treatments. Ayurveda Consulting can only happen one to one and in person.

The difference Sonja brings to the practice of Ayurveda, is that you can benefit from ongoing health coaching, when implementing the new lifestyle recommendations.  This is so important! As a fully qualified life-coach and mentor, Sonja helps you transform your lifestyle and mentors you through each step, so you can benefit fully from the ayurvedic journey to radiant health!


The initial consultation is important, because it is the time when we find out what exactly happened to the bio-energies and when. We infer quantitative and qualitative implications for technical things such as doshas, nadis and chakras. First consultation will involves dosha-pulse taking test on empty stomach and other tests.

Treatment Plan

The Ayurvedic consultant will then make a treatment plan. This is a selection of various herbs and treatment modalities specific to your balancing needs, general availability in your local area, as well as suitability to your current lifestyle. The treatment plan will have a consistent aim,  balancing and stabalising the bio-energies involved in the cause.


The treatment plan will be discussed with you and if need be further tweaks can be made, to ensure you are happy to complete the wellness programme; only a completed wellness programme will guarantee reaping its maximum potential! You then decide a schedule and book the treatments into the diary when a successful start will be opportune.


Then the wellness programme will be commencing. The length of time varies depending on the condition, the severity and your health goal. A treatment plan could include 7 consecutive treatments for one week or it could be longer term treatment plan over the course of 6 weeks. To take advantage of this opportunity you will need to be local to my clinic.