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The difference Sonja brings to the practice of Ayurveda, is that you can benefit from ongoing health coaching, when implementing the new lifestyle recommendations.  This is so important! As a fully qualified life-coach and mentor, Sonja helps you transform your lifestyle and mentors you through each step, so you can benefit fully from the ayurvedic journey to radiant health!

Ayurveda Health Coaching with Sonja

We will be working one to one, so that you CAN achieve your best possible, radiant and vibrant health. Because YOUR unique normal is not a general >> one solution fits all << process.  You can  achieve a perfectly balanced state of health through a few simple lifestyle changes at a time. Have you heard this expression before:

If you always do what you‘ve always done, you will always get what you‘ve always got.

It is very true when it comes to the formula: ‘health is a product of our continuous lifestyle choices’. We will investigate your health status fully and work on every detail to restore balance. Let Sonja, The nutrition healer and your Ayurvedic consultant, health coach and mentor show you the way to wellness.

The coaching programme #happyin40days is beneficial for many personal health goals, such as:

Proactive healthy living

Pre-conception care

Sluggish digestion

Natural menopause

Weight loss

Disease recovery

Stress, depression, anxiety

Sleep problems

Ayurveda Wellness Programmes

The ayurvedic wellness programme combines ayurvedic consulting, thorough ayurvedic health check, ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic treatments with health coaching. To benefit from this, you would have to be local to my clinic in London, Finchley Road.


The treatment of chronic health conditions starts with a thorough investigation into your health and well-being status, where we will be looking for the cause of the problem. We then aim to restore balance and also focus on removing the cause. Creating balance and well-being is unique for each individual and is based on the individual mind-body type of person.