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Sunday 3rd of November 2019 @10AM

Recovering from Cancer with Ayurveda

Stars Community Cafe in Alhaurin el Grande (next to the Library)

About the event:

We will arrive and meet at 10 AM. There is an opportunity for tea/coffe as our venue is a lovely café called Stars (Inez’s place). We will start with Dr. Gaurang’s presentation followed by an opportunity for question & answer. Dr. Gaurang will be talking about recovery from cancer from an ayurvedic point of view. After all your questions have been answered, we will have a tea/coffee break and an opportunity to chat and share personal stories. Dr. Gaurang will now be available for individual consultations of 30 minutes. If you don’t get a slot on the day, we can try and book a consultation at another date. You will be able to pop in and out of the afternoon programme as per your appointment. In the afternoon, we will be learning about natural well-being and self care tips including a spot of chair yoga. This is a light yoga, which will make you feel better, but you won’t have to jump up and down. It is very versatile as it can be practiced anywhere and is suitable for any age group. It will promote better sleep and improve mobility and circulation. Inez will make a lovely dhal lunch for us, which is included in the price. Drinks can be purchased separately at the bar. We will finish at around 16:00 o’clock.

Private individual consultations with Dr. Gaurang of 30 mins.

You can book your time slot with Dr. Gaurang in advance.

12:00 – available

12:30 – available

13:00 – available

13.30 – available

14:00 – available

14:30 – booked

15:00 – available

15:30 – available

After his lectures at the historic University of Salmanca, in Spain

Dr. Gaurang Joshi is coming to us for Ayurveda Events at the Costa del Sol.

He will be giving some lectures and be available for individual consultations.

Spaces are limited and advance booking is recommended.

So that we can plan lunch and the schedule of consultations, it is essential that you book in advance.

Thank you very much!

To reserve your place choose the workshop with or without a private consultation.

Further speaking engagements by Dr. Gaurang Joshi are:

About our Team:

Sonja is a Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Consultant. Her passion is natural health care including natural living, which can bring about healing and transformation. She believes natural processes should be treated with natural methods, wherever possible, to avoid toxic side effects of medication. She used to run two ayurveda clinics in London and has relocated to Spain in January, 2019. Sonja has set up an online learning programme for achieving better sleep naturally and can be reached for online consultations. To read more about Sonja >>click here <<

Dr . Gaurang Joshi is an internally acclaimed Ayurvedic Consultant from Gujarat, India. He is President at the International Psoriasis Foundation & Director at the Atharva Multi Specialty Ayurveda Hospital and Cancer Research Center. He is frequently invited to speak at universities abroad as he is involved in the latest research in Ayurveda and can be reached for online consultations. To view Dr. Gaurang’s biography >>click here<<

Inez Robinson says: “Im 53 and have been living in glorious Spain since 1995! A single mum with 2 grown up children, and happily remarried to husband No3! I have always been entrepreneurial and have developed skills in several areas, I have a keen interest in nutrition and how it affects the body, helping other people with my knowledge. I took over Stars Café in May in order to offer the local area a community centre, a venue to be used for all sorts of workshops, business presentations and projects, but mostly theyre health based in some way. There is a studio inside the café, for fitness, dance and yoga classes, and we provide a venue for children to have fitness and dance classes as well as a summer camp and monthly disco and karaoke! I look forward to welcoming you in soon!”

For updates and events follow #thenutritionhealer and @happyin40days and #ayurvedaworks

About the Venue:

Stars is a community cafe in Alhaurin el Grande, run by the lovely Inez. It is right next to the library in Alhaurin el Grande. From September onward, you can also come to the new Kundalini Yoga classes at Stars. Follow Stars on Facebook for updates by clicking >>HERE<<

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