We all have the potential to be the best version of ourselves – but how? The answer is simple: ‘feeding’ ourselves in the best possible way. This does not simply relate to the physical act of eating but everything that goes into our body, and every thing we do to or with our body. This is what makes us who we are and personal development, on any level, will help you to reach your potential. To do this successfully, you have to make a conscious choice about what happens with your body.

There is an Indian saying: “Nutrition is everywhere; the food we eat, the people we meet and the breath we take.”

Consider that for a moment. Everything we do either nurtures or hinders our body and ultimately makes us who we are; the good or the bad. So who you are today, is an accumulation of choices.

If you are feeling even slightly unhappy about who you have become, or have a vision of yourself which differs from how you are right now then the journey toward personal change begins today.

In order to successfully change just one aspect of ourself we need to make many smaller changes which will ripple out. For example, changes to:

  • How we live day to day e.g removing unnecessary stress
  • How we communicate, both with others and with ourselves
  • How we eat and nourish ourselves
  • How we breathe into our bodies
  • How we love, again both others and ourselves

This is because all these things are building blocks for our existence and as such we can have either negative or positive foundations.

This is wonderful news! It means that by consciously choosing what goes into our bodies and thinking about how we treat it, we can change ourselves for the better and become the person we are truly capable of being.

Going With The Flow And Feeling Low

Most of us are the expression and accumulation of our life experiences and choices, and as the old saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’ ( as well as drink, breath, hear, see and do).

The sad thing is that when you do nothing about how you live and simply go with the natural westernised flow, the likelihood is that you will get sucked into the mainstream lifestyle, which ironically is often termed the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet).

When you look around and see everybody eating fast food, binge drinking, complaining about how hard it is to get their ‘7 A Day’ and never exercising, then it starts to appear as normal to behave that way. And though we hear the warnings from doctors and on TV that there are health consequences to such an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, we come to the conclusion that if everyone else is doing it and surviving why can’t we? We are led to believe that ’all that is ‘nice’ (in this case fast food and beer), is forbidden’, or else we just don’t know what to eat anymore because we are so stuck on the feeding lifestyle of convenience and have no idea how to eat from scratch anymore.

Now is the time to stop going with the flow.

It has been proven time and again that this type of existence leads straight into a severe and speedy deterioration of health and ultimately causes you to be less than the person you can be.

Awaken To The Power Of Nutrition

Nutrition seems a mysterious idea to us in our western world. We eat the food given to us on the supermarket shelves whilst simultaneously being told to stop eating this exact food! Frozen, convenience foods, late night kebabs, cakes and pastries…it’s all there calling to us because that is what we are used to. It does not make it right though. There is a severe lack of nutritional benefit in this type of diet and that leads directly to our inability to reap the benefits of boosting our bodies and minds with vitality and nutrition. These benefits include:

The Physical – feeling better, feeling stronger mentally and physically, feeling more vital, bright and alive.

The Mental – changing our mindset through feeding our bodies. Depression and stress are rife in our western world but helping our bodies cope with the right nutrients can help shift this.

The Personal – when we feel better about ourselves, others can feed off that. Our happiness and health has a ripple effect which in turn can inspire our friends and family to follow suite. The world can be inspired by you.

And Beyond – we underestimate our value in life and in this world. Being content and happy in ourselves and in our existence can encourage us to reach out to others and spread the love, perhaps through supporting those close to you or by turning to charities and helping those less fortunate.

The result of simply changing your diet can result in you feeling lighter, happier and much more connected to who you really are, or who you could ultimately be. A previously undiscovered and missing life force will emerge from within which will help you discover a great internal energy, putting you back in tune with yourself.

When Is A Diet & Lifestyle Change Required?

Whether you are already on a journey of personal development or you are looking to kick start it, such changes are vital now. Things to consider when looking to discover vitally and health through nutrition.

  • You are what you eat – so eat well.
  • Free yourself from the pack and discover your own path – to health!
  • Make a fresh start – unchain yourself from craving sugar, salt and fat so often found in convenience food.
  • Feed yourself for the life you want – not the life you have.
  • Prevent a toxic internal build up and detox your body and mind by eating clean and fresh.
  • Positive nutrition leads to a positive mental and physical existence and helps you achieve mental clarity. This clarity will keep you on the straight and narrow of eating nutritiously, and if you fall off the wagon and have a cake, it will help you forgive yourself and climb back on.
  • Discover emotional freedom: no longer will you be held captive for your need for biscuits or alcohol when you are sad, angry, stressed, tired etc
  • Rediscover your inner child who is desperate to feel that sense of inner contentment again. Discover new things, have new emotional experiences, see things with a sense of purity once again.
  • Feel active, energetic and vital; improve your sense of well being and in turn prevent long term illnesses.
  • Understand that you have a choice. The advertisers may push unhealthy options on us, but the healthy food is out there too. Make the right choice. You are worth it even if the advertising companies don’t think so!
  • Know your food – understand your body – think positive – reach your potential. It’s a heady and exciting chain of events.

Why Make Diet & Lifestyle Changes?

The accumulation of toxins, mucus and inflammation in the digestive system from the SAD diet means your internal factory, (i.e your organs and guts) become ineffective at extracting and delivering nutrients from your food (if their is any!) In turn your body will not be able to transport enough nutrients to your blood stream, or else it will get confused and transport the wrong type of material, non-nutrients destined for wastage.

This leads to tiredness, sluggishness and mood changes (recognise any of them?) But when you heal your lifestyle and your diet, the internal system has a chance of recovery. Unfortunately the current toxins already within your body will stay as they naturally settle into cavities in the body where they can cause long term problems. But you can stop it getting worse. It is therefore paramount that you take the first steps towards change today, not just to feel better day to day and be the best you can be, but to avoid further, future toxic build up.

What Can I Do?

The first thing you can do is to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. The latest research has changed from 5 a day to 10 a day but my top tip is to start every morning with a smoothie of fruit and some green leaves.

Green is an important colour to eat as most green vegetables have a cleansing action which are especially good helping your body to avoid a toxic build up.

The Help Is Here

Succeeding the first time round by going alone can be hard so if you are feeling you might need extra support with these change then I will work with you to help you stay on the right path. I am a nutrition healer, with a Masters in Ayurveda and qualifications in yoga and energy healing. I can guarantee that with my knowledge and support, and through my “Live Yourself Happy” Coaching programme, you will successfully reap all the benefits of a positive diet.

Contact me at and +44 (0) 7454 – 938 038 for a free 60 min initial consultation.


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